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We’re here with a VERY big announcement today. Alice from BestRepz has sent an announcement to RepLadies today that there will be a new site being launched very soon. The inventory should be at least twice as big as the current #1 replica shop online. There will also be a replica watch selection that will rival Puretime.

We thank all of our RepLadies for supporting BestRepz through their startup and hopefully we find they become the preferred retailer. No one needs to bother with WhatsApp and WeChat sellers etc when you can shop on the catalog. The site is big enough and professional enough that you can kind of tell it’s a no brainer, this is the best service available. There’s a few reviews floating around already and they have all been very good. I would say that the shipping times are the general complaints and usually people are too fast to complain when that is perhaps the only thing outside of the realm of control of the legit replica shops. So for 1:1 replicas check out reviews for best 1:1 replica shops

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What We Do

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As your Online Business Development Manager (OBDM), The Virtual Sales Engineer, LLC (VSE)   puts Buyers and Sellers together. We take salaried and commissioned based Account Managers, and Sales Engineer foot-in-the-street, client getting and lead prospecting efforts into the world of the Internet and Virtual Marketing.

VSE’s prospecting system combines a special set of internet tools, proprietary keyword research strategies and the power of Google AdWords to deliver Pre-Qualified, EXCLUSIVE leads to our Partner Client’s phone. We setup, manage and monitor our deliverables, and provide monthly reports that track results.

Our service can be coupled with your company’s existing sales marketing efforts or utilized as a stand-alone service to capitalize on  sales opportunities and enhance company growth.

At the time of this writing, October 2018, 40-50% of all online searches for thermoplastic injection custom molding and tool build companies are done via cell phones.

Currently this trend results in thousands of searches monthly across the nation, hundreds and even thousands for some states. This trend has grown tremendously over the past 5 years and continued growth is expected in the future.

Our System Is A Four Point Winner…
1. Winner for buyers, product creators and developers searching for tooling and manufacturing sources needed to meet their Statement-Of-Work requirements.
– saves valuable research time
– eliminates the tedious task of sifting through Google results pages
– eliminates directory and other listing resource searching

2. Winner for our Partner Clients…
– EXCLUSIVE prospect leads
– Pre-Qualified prospects
– direct contact with prospects who are truly interested in your services
– 3 and 4 digit Sales Budget R.O.I. (Sales Budget combines OBDM Retainer + min AdWords Budget)
– the only financial variable associated with our service is your decision to purchase more leads

View Pricing and Cost Information Here...

3. Winner 2 for Partner Clients…
– Unlimited territorial reach
– We bring seller and buyer together via the internet
– Eliminates the need to travel and its associated costs

4. Winner for VSE…
– Based on positive performance and results, VSE will secure long-term partner clients

Want to know more contact today Lloyd at 1.248.975.7474. I would like to ask you a few questions so that I can service you better.

Do what you do best and let The Virtual Sales Engineer, LLC and its Online Business Development Manager help grow your company’s profits and long-term business stability. Leap frog your completion; act upon this One-Of-A-Kind, Exclusive, Extremely LIMITED opportunity today. Call Now 1.248.975.7474

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